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The truth about Protein | Common Myths, Prices, Why you need it

Choosing the right protein can be a difficult enough task without worrying about the marketing and ‘scientific’ claims that are tossed out by every brand in the sports nutrition industry. Here at Bio-Synergy, we pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach to nutrition. We’re 100% honest about all the ingredients we put into our products, and we know that the results speak for themselves.
Unfortunately, sometimes the best products are silenced by all the meaningless white noise and promotional fluff of the companies pumping the most money to their marketing. To bring things back to basics for you and your body, we put together this handy comparison index to prove just how ‘good’ your protein really is.


Bio-Synergy-Whey-Better-protein-powder-brand-comparison (1)
The best starting point of sorting through the various proteins is a simple but fundamental question: how much protein am I buying? Many brands only include protein content per serving, which varies depending on their recommendations or the size of their serving scoop.
We’ve painstakingly gone through all of our competitor’s websites and come out with a standardised list ranking each protein brand by its protein content per 100g. The results may surprise you.
*DISCLAIMER: these records are accurate as of November 3, 2015, and reflect information taken from brands’ own websites. We’ve done our best to maintain accuracy, and will be happy to correct any issues should they exist.
As you can see, some major brands like BSN include only 50g of protein per 100g in their products. The rest hover around the 75g mark. Not Bio-Synergy. Our elite scientists have crammed over 91g of protein into every 100g to give you the most powerful protein punch available in the UK. That’s why independent reviewers like Men’s Health have named us the Most Powerful Protein – with more than 37g more protein than some of our competitors, we’re leagues above.


Despite the vast array of information we provide here at Bio-Synergy, it is easy to get misguided with inaccurate information about protein. Many of these misconceptions are thought of by women, particularly those who are new to exercise and nutrition. Well here are Bio-Synergy, we are here to help demystify any confusions you may have. Protein does not make you “gain huge muscles” it simply helps repair muscle tissue and aid recovery. Additionally, it does not make you hairy. Yes, no moustaches or extra leg shaving required!
Check out some of the most common misconceptions in the infographic below:


Protein sources
There are many different sources of protein – chicken, fish, and red meat are all sound natural sources of protein. But serious athletes and gym-goers often turn to whey protein to make sure their muscles are receiving the complete nutrition they need to rebuild and strengthen. But not all protein shakes are created equally.
Reaching your daily macro requirements can be a difficult task from eating food alone. Additionally, protein supplements contain a good amount of BCAAs as well as low carbs and fat, which many protein sources don’t. Browse our range of protein supplements to help you reach your healthy and fitness goals. #MakeItHappen
protein supplements
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