#SuperStackSaturday – Post workout recovery

This week was all about post workout recovery. When you are training hard in the gym or within your chosen sporting activity, it is important to fuel your muscle with the correct macro and micro nutrients.
Post workout supplements are perhaps the most crucial for aiding recovery and muscle growth. After a challenge workout, marathon or fitness-related activity, your body is crying out for those hard-earned macros and micro nutrients it deserves.
You can replenish muscle glycogen stores by consuming high GI carbohydrate foods, sports drinks or juices. Research is also suggesting that combining protein with carbohydrates in the post-exercise meal may increase glycogen synthesis.
For everyday exercisers, water is the best beverage to consume before, during and after exercise. Endurance athletes and others training at high levels may benefit from the addition of carbohydrate and electrolyte containing beverages during and post-exercise to maintain optimal levels of hydration.
Studies also show that combined ingestion of protein and carbohydrate improves protein balance during ultra-endurance exercise. Understanding the importance of this, we have developed a range of sports supplements with these specific goals in mind.
And with so many post workout supplements readily available, it is important to make sure you are using the right ones. Choose from one of our stacks below to #MakeItHappen 

Recover like James Cracknell after your strenuous marathon


Lean muscle recovery Active Woman Stack. 


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