12 Week Challenge

Start of Week 6 – Hmmm.

Hi all,
It’s been a few weeks since my last post – mainly due to Uni work being overloaded before the Christmas break. Lovely.
At the end of week 3 I sustained a small shoulder injury during a football match which meant I haven’t been able to do much weight lifting over the last 2 weeks. Instead, I’ve been concentrating on my fitness side of the challenge which I must admit I wasn’t looking forward too, but now loving. I’ve joined another football team so now play on Saturdays & Sundays as well as a 2 hour training session in midweek (my luck that they train straight after each other on the same pitch!) which has boosted my fitness levels to where I haven’t been since junior level football. The only problems I have now is thanks to my ever-so attractive sweating levels, I lose weight quickly despite drinking as much water as possible during training/games – so most of the weight gains I made have been lost to me getting fitter, though toning is looking better than ever.
I also was injured on Sunday and now sporting the worst dead leg I’ve ever had and a pulled thigh muscle. Luckily the shoulder is feeling better so a straight swap again it seems will happen. Onwards and upwards at the half way mark….