12 Week Challenge

Start of week 6 already!

Hello Everyone. I can’t believe we are into week 6 of the 12 week challenge already!! Last week my exercise mainly involved running outdoors as I wanted to make the most of the lovely weather and didn’t feel like working out in the gym when it was so nice outside. I’m actually starting to really enjoy running outdoors which is something I never thought I’d say! I’m running between 4.5-6km each time and am starting to find it slightly easier so I will focus on increasing my distance and speed now.
I lost another 1-2lbs and 2 inches during week 5 which I was pleased with as I wasn’t following my diet plan as closely as usual due to having a few nights out and meals with family, etc. This week I’m going to really work on planning my meals for each day so that I stay on track and I’m going to try and do one run and a shortened version of Ann’s circuit training routine each day.
I was pleased to discover that lots of my old clothes fit comfortably now which I haven’t been able to get into for ages and some are even too big! I’m going away for my birthday at the end of June and the weekend will involve lots of eating out and no doubt drinking (!!) so I’m going to train harder and try and focus on following my diet plan better in the weeks running up to this.
I’m finding now that foods which I started eating at the start of the 12 week challenge (purely for nutritional reasons and not because I liked them!!) are starting to taste really good and I’m actually enjoying them and no longer having to force myself to eat them. Likewise, certain foods which I used to love but were really not good in any way, just don’t appeal to me anymore. The 12 week challenge is a complete re-education towards food and exercise which I really needed!! Hopefully I’ll be able to say in my next update that I’ve increased my exercise, closely followed my diet plan and have achieved further great results!