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Scott Wilson 2nd Place In the British National Cup Round 6

At the weekend it was the 6th and penultimate round of the British National Trials cup, held at Hook Woods In Surrey. As is common recently It seems, I broke something before the competition ( During warm up before the comp I stripped my rear hub )and made a bad start. At least I’m consistent!
I made a bad start; I 5’d my first 3 sections and went on to 5 2 more times during the first lap. ( a 5 is the highest you can score In each individual section, the winner of the comp is whoever gets the Lowest score)
Five 5’s and a lap score of 31 over an 8 section lap is terrible (The max you could have scored was 40).
On my second lap however things just changed. It may have been because my first lap was so bad I knew I couldn’t do much worse but everything just went right. I didn’t really make any mistakes, 1 or 2 tiny things, but that was all. I felt good during the entire lap and ended up having No 5’s at all and finishing the second lap on 13!
This gave me 2nd place in the ‘UCI World Elite’ category ( highest class).
This is my highest ever position in a 26″ National event, so I am very pleased!
During the competition and Build up I was drinking BIO SYNERGY PURE ENERGY, by far the best drink I have used during an event.  In the days before I was using Bio Synergy WHEY BETTER and snacking on Bio Synergy Skinny Protein bars 🙂