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Scott Wilson – 2012 Achievement Roundup

This year has not been great for me results wise. I started the year a bit late due to working a lot over the first few months of the year, which wasn’t ideal but wouldn’t of made a huge amount of difference overall. In general my riding has just not been good enough, I did not train enough and just wasn’t riding very well.
However I have still had some great moments this year. Riding at the GoodWood festival of speed and finishing 3rd in the British championship were definitely the highlights of 2012 for me. Here is a list of what I have done and what I have achieved this year.

  • British National trials Cup,World Elite class – 3rd
  • World Biketrial championship,Elite – 11th  (France, Spain, Italy)
  • European Biketrial cup Round 2- 5th
  • Overall – 12th (Competed  in 1 of 3 rounds, Denmark)
  • UCI World cup series – 53rd (Competed in 2 of 5 rounds) (Belgium)
  • Rode and competed at ‘Dressler camp’ ; week long trials festival In the Czech republic
  • Invited to the ‘GP Santal Marina di Pietrasanta’  (2,500 spectators present)  5th place finish
  • Invited to compete in the GAS Arena at the GoodWood Festival of speed (thousands of spectators present during the day) where I finished In 2nd place
  •  I have continued my Associate officer role at The Cyclopark. I should be doing some more work with them over the winter In regards to coaching and developing a trials area
  • I was appointed the First ever Rider representative the Biketrial International Union
  • I also recently filmed for Exclusive sports media for a very exciting and interesting new project they are running. It should come out very good.

This weekend it was the final round of the British cup at Shipley Glen In Yorkshire. The day was not good for me, I was worrying a bit too much about my overall championship position rather than on the days result. I rode bad, fell off a lot and broke random things, I ended the day 5th,so not a day to remember.
However I did manage to move up and end the year 3rd In the series. I am the 2012 British Number 3 In the World Elite class – So I am very happy with this and its a great result to end the year with!
I’d like to thank Bio-Synergy for all your support In 2012, it is all greatly appreciated. I hope we can continue working together in 2013!
Thank you very much,