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Recent goings on and progress! :)

Hello everyone! I’m still here, just been ultra busy. Having suffered some nasty viruses, which halted my training and sent me insane, I’m back on track again thankfully! Following the inspiration being a participant on the 12 week challange gave me, I’ve been throwing myself into my PT Diploma studies whilst trying to juggle my own fitness training and my family! But, the main things to report for me are that, my fitness levels are continuing to improve gradually as I’ve managed to up my milage on my runs, with my longest now being 8.2 miles and I’ve just started off-road running and found that I LOVE it! No nasty fumes (other than the rural ones you’d expect), no traffic, just perfect chill out time and, as it’s harder work than road running, you are helping to improve fitness and ankle/joint strength as you become accustommed to the uneven surfaces. There’s less impact on your joints too so I feel like I’m looking after my body a bit more! I’ve been throwing in some hill work, which I’m not a fan off, but it’s helping to improve my stamina! I’ve got some awesome races coming up…. The Black Death Race which is a 10.5 mile off road run incorporating lots of steep gradient work (hence it’s delightful name!). Also, Bristol 10K, Taunton Race for Life. Our Tough Mudder team, “Pretty Mushes” have been meeting weekly for team training…. one week circuits/strength training and the following week, a hilly off-road run. I am loving the team aspect of the training and it really keeps me focussed and motivated to keep up my own personal training during the week. We’ve even got some cool team training vests and hoodies which have been kindly provided by our sponsors! 🙂
My pole dance training has moved onto the next level and I’m currently attending Advanced Prep classes weekly and am currently putting together my routine for the South West Amateur Pole Championships which are taking place during April and May. I do love my pole dancing but it is taking longer to achieve results due to the advanced nature of many of the moves. Most of which require increased strength training over a number of weeks to achieve and some are just about grasping the correct technique! It’s all fun and games!
As for supplements, I am continuing to take Bio-synergy Whey Better protein shakes alongside Thermogen and at the moment, Acai and Reservatol, and Green Tea capsules. I find that combined with a nutritionally balanced diet and regular training, these are the key ingredients to give me the edge I need in order to strive for success and progression. Thanks Bio-synergy for your continued support in my longer term fitness goals! You help me to Make It Happen! 🙂