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Nutrition For Golf With Ambassador Joe Creasey

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The Ryder Cup is upon us again and we get ready to watch the most elite golfers in the world join together over 3 days to form Europe V USA.
In the build up to the event we watch the best golfers battle it out for spots on the team, what we don’t see is how hard they work for this sport, and how behind the scenes they do a lot more than just go to the golf course and hit balls, and play in major tournaments for big bucks.
The biggest misconception is that to be a golfer you don’t need to be an athlete, that is by far the biggest mistake you can take into account when thinking about golf.
You trying to tell me this man is not an athlete? I reckon there is a lot of people that would argue with you over that.
Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it, as a professional golfer myself I know what the life is like.
4/5 Gym sessions a week if not more, running 3 times a week, and core workouts every day, at times we do a lot more than footballers, and other sports athletes.
This is what sets players apart their ability to move faster, harder, create more power without the chance of getting injured.
Now the part no one ever talks about the diet of a professional golfer, how nutrition effects the golfer, and the body of a golfer.
You never see it on TV if you’re watching the golf, but professional golfers will be eating all the way around the golf course, they will be putting the right stuff in their body to keep them going. not many other sports require you to be mentally and physically fit for 5/6 hour periods of time, and yes they do most of the hard work in the gym to keep them going, but the food and nutrition they eat while on the course is the biggest part of getting them through the round.
I wish that the TV would show them eating food, because I see a lot of younger kids, playing golf eating snickers, mars, crunches all types of rubbish that will make them sluggish, but what they don’t know is golfers would never touch that stuff they will be eating.
When I was on the course I would always carry a protein shake such as Bio-Synergy’s Whey Better RTDs or a scoop of Whey Better in my Supershaker, nuts, and bananas. that way I had an edge on my competition, I wouldn’t stop for bacon rolls, or sausage rolls, because I knew the effects would make me sluggish and mentally drained.
I wish people knew the positives of how important NUTRITION is on the golf course as its half the battle out there.
Find out more on Joe here on his ambassador page.