Nutritional Studies

New study shows that women are 50% less likely to exercise regularly

Sport England’s recent campaign “#ThisGirlCan” has grabbed the attention of millions of health and fitness enthusiasts as of late. Additionally, it has also led to numerous studies being developed.
It was mentioned that women are fifty percent less likely to exercise regularly compared to men.
In a study of over 2,000 males and females over the age of 18, just one in six women (17 percent) said that they had exercised on a frequent basis since childhood, compared to one in three men (36 per cent).
The study also ties in with another recent study from Sport England, which established that two million more men than women exercise or play sport and that 75 percent of women would like to do more.
Ciaran Bird, managing director of CBRE, which partners with England Rugby’s All Schools programme, said:
“Taking part in a sport not only has long-term health and well-being benefits but it also develops the so-called ‘soft skills’ of communication, teamwork and confidence that over a lifetime will boost employability.
“There is a great opportunity for business to play a role in encouraging more children, particularly girls to engage in sport.”
The ads feature women of all ages, colours, shapes and sizes and show that any woman can exercise regardless of her skills and weight. The advertisements characteristic ladies of all ages, hues, shapes and sizes and demonstrate that any lady can practice paying little heed to her abilities and weight.
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