12 Week Challenge

Nearly there!!!!! :)

Hiya peeps! I haven’t too much to report this week really so I will keep to the point, for a change! lol I have lost 1lb this week, making a total of a stone now since the start of this challenge so I’m chuffed with that achievement! I also lost 2cm this week.
I have made progress with my running this week too…. I’ve upped my distance from 3.7 miles to 4.25 miles and am managing to average a pace of 8.57 mins/mile! I honestly never thought I’d ever achieve this! I’m coming to the end of my intermediate pole dance course and then early in the new year I start the intermediate pole dance stage 2 course for 6 weeks. After this I go on to advanced! My instructor is pushing for me to enter into the amateur pole competitions next year, but we will see! 😉 I am loving the variation of my exercise at the moment with ballet, pole, running, resistance, horse riding, and zumba dancing. However, I still havent managed to squeeze a swimming session in yet! haha
I think I have one more week left so gonna give it my very best shot and then in the new year I am planning to start my training course to become a personal trainer! Good luck to the rest of you for the remainder of the challenge….. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m going to make sure it doesn’t stop there….. Here’s to the new year and new amazing challenges to come! 🙂