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Loose Fat Fast with Dr. Dan's Diet Tips

When it comes to fast fat loss, there’s no getting around the fact that your diet counts. In fact, you could say that diet accounts for about 80% of the total results you’ll see. What you put into your daily diet has huge results for what you get out of your efforts.
While you should definitely be able to lose weight by staying active on a regular basis, when it comes to melting off those final pounds, your diet is your best friend.
The following diet tips will help you see progress faster as they’ll help boost your metabolism, kill hunger, increase your energy, and just help you feel better on your program overall. Here’s what you need to know.
Eat Post-Workout
If there’s one time in the day when you do definitely want to eat up, post-workout is it. It’s at this time that your muscles will be most tired and in need of nourishment. It’s also the time when your body is least likely to convert any calories consumed to body fat.
By feeding your body with both proteins and carbs, you’ll boost your recovery and stay leaner in the process.
Don’t Go To Bed Hungry
The second must-do for faster fat loss is to remember never to go to bed hungry. Many people think that late-night eating is a problem, but they couldn’t be more wrong.
Choose your foods wisely – protein is an excellent choice – to help rebuild and strengthen your body while you sleep. That’s a snack that will stick with you over the course of the night so you don’t wake up at 3 am hungry for food.
Mix it Up
Another sneaky trick that you must employ in your diet plan if you want to see rapid rates of fat loss is making sure to cycle your calories. When you stay on a very calorie-reduced diet for a long period of time the metabolism will begin to slow down (hibernation mode), so by having some higher calorie days in the mix, you help prevent this.
Aim for four to five low-calorie days per week and two to three higher calorie days and you’ll never hit that dreaded plateau.
Pack In The Protein
One key nutrient that’s a must-have in your plan is protein. Protein will suppress your hunger, boost your appetite, and maintain your lean muscle mass. Make sure that you’re eating a lean protein with each meal and snack that you serve up and you can feel confident that you’re reaching your needs.
Remember to choose lean, natural sources of protein for optimal results.
Have A Cheat Day
Many people also think that they have to completely avoid all the foods they enjoy on their diet plan if they want to see results. Scheduling in a cheat day every now and then can be the perfect way to overcome your cravings and make sure that you stick with your diet the majority of the time.
It’s far better to plan a cheat day every seven to ten days then to just try and go without and then binge often because of it. When you know it’s coming, you’ll find you have no problem eating right the rest of the time.
Fill Up On Fibre
Fibre is another nutrient that is absolutely crucial to a successful fat loss diet. Fibre is going to help keep your body healthy and more importantly, help keep you feeling full. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are high sources of fibre, so aim to eat them with your meals and snacks as well.
Utilise Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fatty acids are one form of fat that you can’t skip when looking for fast fat loss.  Some people believe that fat is too high in calories to consume and while it does have more calories per gram compared to both proteins and carbs, it’s still important to include. Essential fatty acids will actually promote better blood glucose control and help support a lean body, so this is the form to choose most often.
You’ll get essential fatty acids from foods such as fatty fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, and avocados, or through taking a fish oil supplement.
Beware Of Beverage Consumption
One area that many people overlook who are looking for fat loss that really harms them, in the long run, is their beverage consumption. If you’re in the habit of drinking those gourmet coffee’s or fruit smoothies that you pick up at your local smoothie bar, you could be taking in far more calories than you realise. Remember, calories from drinks do count. If you don’t decrease your food intake to accommodate for liquid calories, they could wipe out the potential fat loss you should have seen that day.
Eat More Dairy
Finally, last but not least, the final tip to boost your fat loss is to aim to eat more dairy on a regular basis. Again, many people think that dairy should be limited when aiming to lose fat but it’s actually the opposite. Not only is dairy high in protein content, but those eating them regularly tend to show greater rates of abdominal fat loss.
Just be sure to choose the lower fat varieties and you’ll be all set.