Lawrence Okolie talks 'Southpaw' and sports supplements

Boxing movie Southpaw has grabbed the attention of boxing fans and movie critics alike. Lead star Jake Gyllenhaal has developed a reported 15lbs or rock hard muscle to accurately portray the physique of a boxer. Ahead of the movie’s release, we decided to catch up with Bio-Synergy ambassador Lawrence Okolie to has his thoughts on the dramatic transformation.
Lawrence Okolie & Anthony Joshua
Gyllenhaal gained a reported 14lbs of lean muscle for the upcoming movie Southpaw, do you think his new physique represents an accurate appearance of a boxer? 

From the pictures that I have seen he does represent accurately a boxer, particularly one of a Lower weight class. Is because most boxes at Lower classes tend to have a low amount of body fat and keep themselves lean. this is because they would like to be in as low a weight class as possible, this is because there is this idea that the lower your weight class the stronger you will be and the less powerful the punches of your opponent.

In your opinion, is it harder for Hollywood actors to undergo drastic body transformations for movies or more difficult for a true athlete like yourself to sustain it year-round? 

I think it would be harder for actor to undergo changes, this is because they have to push their body harder and a different way for usual. Also as a boxer I know that once you’ve built it is easier to maintain rather going up and down weights!

Changing weight class is a common objective for many boxers. Have you ever had to bulk up or get leaner during your career? 

I’m constantly have to drop weigh because the category above mine is 91+ This means any weight above 91.0 kg I walk around at 97kg so it is better for me to lean up as opposed to fighting someone who is training down to 120kg *laughs*.

How often do you train yourself?

I train 6 days a weeks and 3 of those days I train twice and 2 of the training days are light.

The International Olympic Committee Consensus on Sports Nutrition states that ‘strength or speed athletes require 1.7 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight per day’. Which sports supplements do you take to help hit your protein macros?

I use Whey Better 100% Protein Isolate… Chocolate 😉

If you could have sparred with anyone in the past who would it have been and why?

I would have sparred with Muhammad Ali and Bob foster because they have long limbs and are rangy for their wight so there’s a lot I would have like to learn.

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