12 Week Challenge

Just About There

This was a long week for me.  I had my 3 1/2 hour exam, I had an in-law arrive in town and then there were the graduation celebrations.  On top of that, the bouldering competition that I was supposed to compete in had a higher grade platform than usual, so I ended up having to pull out in the end.  I expect another competition to commence in June or July, so I think I will go for that.
Not too much loss this week, but I did lose a couple of inches and about a pound.  This wasn’t bad, considering I spent three days resting in prep for the comp and took out my gym work to taper.  This week, I’m back at it and already feel a little tired today.  It is becoming easier and easier to choose what is good food and what isn’t good food, so I am finding myself having to measure less and be so careful.