12 Week Challenge

Health & Fitness stories from Bio-Synergy 12 Week Challenge

Since early October, the Bio-Synergy 12 Week Transformation Challenge 2014 has been aiding the health and fitness goals of all of its participants. Here are the stories and body transformations of the contests thus far.
Since this year’s 12 Week Challenge participants were announced, our contestants have been providing our health and fitness experts their measurements, their food diaries and general experiences related to their body transformations.
Bio-Synergy ambassador Luke Lawrence, who competes in a wide range of UK races and extreme competitions is taking on a slightly different training regime.
“I am somewhere I wouldn’t normally be, and that’s in the gym. I normally train outdoors at places like Bootcamp Revolution,” Luke said.
“I am incorporating a strength programme into my normal running regime… I want to see some changes and it is a good way to make it happen really. And that’s what I think these 12 weeks are all about.”

Watch Luke Lawrence’s body transformation VLOG below:

Luke’s wife, Becky Lawrence, is also competing in this year’s challenge. As someone who lives a hectic, busy lifestyle, she hasn’t let not being able to get to the gym get in her way.

Watch Becky Lawrence train with a tyre below:

Perhaps this year’s most enthusiastic contender, Sarah Hunter has been no stranger to showing hard work during her fitness transformation and has dropped an impressive 10 centimetres off her body. Impressive! Thanks to dieting, a structured workout routine she looks and feels completely different.

Listen to Sarah’s fitness story in the video below:

Dan Woodward, who is focusing on a strength and hypertrophy muscle building programme made some serious changes to his diet and the volume of his training. Check out what Dan had to say below:

I have found it quite expensive varying my food as much as I did at the start of the challenge, so I bought foods in bulk and tend to eat similar things for the past few weeks. The diet is still very much varied and still hitting my macros and total calorie intake.

In terms of the training, I am definitely feeling the increase in volume and finding it is taking longer to recover, however I am confident that I will be able to adapt to the program.

There’s no denying that hitting your required macro and micro nutrients by eating a varied, healthy diet can be expensive.

That said, by adding Bio-Synergy sports supplements to your regime, not only are you saving money by avoiding unnecessary adding expenditures on your foods, you are also fuelling your body with clean, essential nutrients too.

Stay tuned to see how Dan’s training and nutrition programme progresses throughout the challenge.

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