Bio-Synergy Athletes

First Podium & Update

I just wanted to sent you a quick update on the weekends racing.
First of all I completed the 6th challenge of 6 x 2 hour challenges at my local bootcamp (called Beast mode) and I took overall champion at the last round.
Then on the Sunday I ran in the Zombie Evacuation race in Pippingford. ZER uses some of the Spartan Race infrastructure, but has an added athletic element that you are being hunted – so the flick between endurance and sprint pace can make it hard work. The Zombies have to grab your 3 ‘lives’ (in essence its like tag rugby) and to get a result you had to stay alive.

My tactic was not to hit the front too early, but allow other runners to get grabbed by the Zombies, and this worked well, I could see the initial leaders losing their lives rapidly! despite being ahead only survivors count in the rankings! So I kept my place and hammered on to the finish line – taking 3rd survivor and my first OCR podium.

I ran the race again, this time with my wife Becky and she was wearing the Bio shirt, at one point we saw a lady fall and struggle to get up, so we both stopped to help her and got snapped by the papparatzi literally making it happen for someone!