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Does Gym Equipment Scare You?

In a recent survey conducted, more than a quarter of those asked are fearful of going to the gym because they don’t feel confident enough to use the equipment.
More than 25 per cent say they have purposely avoided gyms because they’re unsure how to use the equipment or are scared that no one will help them use it. The findings help to show the challenges that hold back potential gym goers.
In recent years the number of gym memberships have increased however nearly 87 per cent of the UK’s adult population are still not signed up to a club.
The major influence in increased memberships has been the growth of budget gyms, however it is important that these gyms have the staff on hand to help those in need of guidance.
Some important and key features that have been highlighted to be of importance to many people in a gym environment is that gyms have clear hints and tips on how to perform specific exercises as well as the desire to learn more and educate themselves about different ways to exercise and keep fit.
Gyms can be a scary place all of us at one point of experience that newbie feeling, however given the right help and guidance they can be a great way to keep fit and even meet new people.
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