Twin Challenge

Bio-Synergy Twin Challenge Featuring The Thomas Twins

Back in early 2016 two twins decided to embark on a fitness challenge that would have them pitched against one another.
Trevor and Delroy Thomas had previously competed in the fitness model show Pure Elite where they where approached about the challenge from Bio-Synergy.
Both twins not only compete in competitions such as Pure Elite but also have full time jobs outside the fitness world, as well as having children.
The aim of the experiment was to show that even those that have already obtained lean muscle mass and low body fat through a good diet and training, could achieve even greater results through the use of supplementation. However only ONE would be using supplements.
We gave this decision to both Trevor and Delroy, with Trevor being chosen to take the supplements.
With Trevor being chosen to take the supplements, we believed he would be the one that would be able to achieve greater results at the end of the challenge than his brother Delroy.
We enlisted the help of MSc James Rutherford to advise on the twins diets and PT Hayley Sinclair for their training programme.
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Both guys had EXACTLY the same plan from how much they would eat (macros) to what they would train, how, where and when.
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We monitored their progress over 8 weeks through video vlogs and updated measurements.
Click below to review each week of the challenge on our Youtube channel.
Below highlights the differences between the two twins at the end of the challenge. Measurements where taken from their, chest, arms, waist and thighs. The twins where also weighed.
As the results have been able to identify, using supplements in conjunction with a good diet and training plan can help with achieving your desired physical goal even if you are already training and eating right previously.
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