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5 Tips for a healthy mind, and happier you

Healthy Mind, Happy You
Life is becoming increasingly stressful in modern society including a more fast paced life, financial stress, image stress, and just general life stress which is leading to a massive increase in mental health issues. More than 70 million sick days are lost each year due to mental health which includes depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health related issues. Managing your mental wellbeing is becoming increasingly important and increasingly promoted through the press, media and social influencers. As personal trainer and working within the fitness and sport industry optimal mental health is really important for optimal performance and optimal adherence to reaching your goals. Ghandi once said: “Become The Change You Wish to See in the World” which resonates and resounds so clear with me in regard to my outlook on life. Let’s not deny it, everyone has things they go through, but the ones who fight through despite potentially the world crumbling around them are the ones we gain strength from, the people we look at and think wow, “I want to be able to be like that”. I had similar feelings, which is why I wrote my book: Free-ed. I used to pray for my mind and my body to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what was standing there, for my mind to stop tormenting me that I wasn’t perfect, that if I could just portray happiness within myself to the outside world, that I could be one of these people whos’ smiles shined brighter than anyone else because I installed hope and inspiration to others. The key thing is how do we install a healthy, happy mindset? Having a positive outlook on life is harder than what a lot of people think. We can all get motivated for 10 days, then our gym regimes fall of track, and we got back to square one. This is where mind management comes in is the 30/60/90 day approach. Did you know that it takes 30 days to create a habit, 60 days to consolidate that habit and 90 days for that habit to become a part of your normal life…. THAT is ONLY 3 months of your life. What is 3 months in the big scheme of things to make a big change? If for 3 months you took small positive steps to achieve a better mindset, you will take small positive steps towards more consistent training, happier mindset, better food choices and more success in your goals. FOR 3 months only why don’t you set yourself goals for each 4 week block and create a short term (4 week), medium term (8 week) and long term goal (12 weeks) for your fitness, mindset, and nutrition.
Focusing on a positive and happy mindset you need to focus on who you want to be, whom helps you lift you up and who do you feel most yourself around. I wrote a blog over on: called “its not me, its you.” This focuses on those that ridicule or tell you you are not good enough, you are obsessed, you are crazy, they are focusing on things that they feel uncomfortable about, and reflect this on you. It is a reflection of their insecurities within themselves and they deflect this on to you. So what would you do to become and what is currently stopping you from achieving this? Is it you or is it the fear of what everyone will think, is it the journey? If you take the risk and go for it what will your life look like? If you don’t take the risk will you live in regret? Lets start facing your fears and stepping up to the challenge.
Everyone’s been there… you really want to achieve this big goal but for some reason you are just not quite ready to take the risk. Something’s holding you back, whether it’s fear, self doubt, negative talk, other people and sometimes the fear that it will go right and your whole life will change – scary stuff right? Because being comfortable is well… comfortable its not challenging you. What if you knew that if you took that leap and faced whatever it was that you wanted… imagine how that life would feel like? What if it’s telling someone you love them, or embracing change and moving to a new location, or going for that new job? What is stopping you? I procrastinated for 8 months before eventually taking the leap and moving to London everyone faces fear but here I want to you take the challenge head on. I also took 2 years to write my first book free-ed before i decided to face my fear and use my story to help others.
So here is my top 5 tips for getting what you want, when you want it and embracing fear to create a happy mind, a health mind and happy you:

Identify Your Goal
Identify exactly what it is you want to achieve. Draw a mind map, map it all out, imagine what your life would be like if you achieved it. How accomplished you would feel, how excited you would be. This will create a clear image of exactly where you want to be.
 Identify your fears
What are your current fears and attitudes towards this. What do you feel is currently stopping you from going for it. Don’t be afraid to write it all out. The more honest with yourself the better and it can be as silly as you think.
 Create a roadmap
Create a plan of action. How are you going to overcome these fears, how are you going to get to your desired goal. Plan it all out from a – b and any road stops you have in the middle.
Tell people about your goal
Honestly it’s sounds scary but if you start telling people you are going to do something by goodness you will ensure you do it. Last year when I started writing my book I started telling everyone because I thought if I don’t I’ll keep putting it off. Then every time you see someone they will ask “oh how is the book going”. Do it, start spreading the word.
Put all your intentions towards it
The saying, ‘what you think about you bring about.’ Put positivity out there. Start ensuring you are putting positive vibes on the situation. When you talk to people notice how your voice and persona shows excitement and clarity. Go show the world what you want to show them.
Implement the above strategies to achieve your goals in health, fitness and nutrition through managing your mind and identifying what is currently stopping you. Lets start a revolution towards positive body image, positive nutrition and positive mental health.

“Commonwealth Games high jumper Jayne Nisbet was very open about her struggles with food throughout her athletics career. Jayne has written a book Free-ed which has been designed as a book of hope and inspiration to help those in similar situations to come forward and start working towards their own freedom. Free-ed is an eye opening and honest book, which covers Jayne’s story to freedom and provides you a step to step guide on how to go from zero self esteem to redefining your future. Whatever mind issues, body issues or addictions you are suffering from, this book will provide you with a story of hope, determination and inspiration to make your own dreams come true.”
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