Female Size & Strength Products

For many athletes, gaining size and strength is the reason they started working out in the first place. Whether your goal is to look good in the mirror or to perform better in your sport, you’ll only get there by consistently training hard and backing it up with quality sports nutrition to support growth and recovery.

That’s where we come in. After your last set of deadlifts, squats or bench press, your muscles need protein to recover and grow. Depending on your training intensity and goals, you’ll need between 0.5g-3g of protein per kilo of body weight. You could pick any old protein shake off the shelf, but many have fillers or unnecessary ingredients that just get in the way. Some of them brag about their 25g protein per serving, which sounds impressive at first.

But on closer inspection, you may find each serving is 35g or even 40g – making the proportion of protein quite weak. Contrast this with our premium Whey protein offering, Whey Better®. You get 27.2g of 100% whey isolate protein and a mighty 6.8g BCAAs – in just a 30g serving. That’s going to make a difference to your physique and muscle growth. We also offer a range of other quality protein shakes that are tailored to different training and fitness goals, such as Skinny Protein® for gaining lean muscle power.