Bio-Synergy Green Tea & Green Coffee


The natural way to boost metabolism and energy

Looking to lose weight using a 100% natural supplement? Here’s your answer. We’ve combined two of nature’s most effective energy-boosting ingredients into one capsule formula. The caffeine content in green tea has been shown to help with fat loss by boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite.

This effect is further enhanced with the addition of green coffee – an all-natural stimulant that also helps to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite – making it easier for you to follow a calorie-restricted diet.

Made in the UK from high quality ingredients, Body Perfect Green Tea & Green Coffee is a double-action formulation that helps you reach your slimming goals.

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Bio-Synergy Green Tea & Green Coffee is a natural but effective stimulant that delivers consistent weight loss support for anyone looking to slim down. Each serving provides 1000mg green tea and 250mg green coffee to give you a rich source of polyphenols and a natural source of caffeine. This unique combination has been shown to assist with wellbeing, energy and weight management.

Green coffee is derived from raw, unroasted green coffee beans, which are naturally low in caffeine. It is high in chlorogenic and caffeic acid, the two primary compounds responsible for the efficacy of green coffee.

Green tea comes from unfermented leaves and may help to support all areas of your health due to the presence of antioxidants, called polyphenols, which can neutralise free-radical molecules and protect DNA, vital organs and tissues. Free radical damage can cause oxidation, which harm cells in the body and may affect the immune system. Bio-Synergy Green Tea & Green Coffee capsules could help to alleviate this potential problem.

While the benefits of green tea may be new to you, the Chinese have been using green tea as a medicine for thousands of years to treat everything from headaches to depression. So, why not see what our formula can do for you?

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