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Active Woman® Refine


Ideal weight control for active women

Losing weight is never easy, but you can make it less of a struggle. You shouldn’t have to starve yourself or spend all day at the gym to achieve the body you want. To help you trim down and tone up, every capsule of Refine is packed with essential fat-fighting nutrients like CLA, yerba mate and L-carnitine.

Hailed as the future of weight loss, CLA is an omega-6 fatty acid, which targets fat stores for conversion to energy. In other words, CLA gets your body fat working for you, plus it can make you feel more energetic, while yerba mate is known to boost metabolism and suppress your appetite.

So, if you want to drop a few pounds to fit into that gorgeous dress or get toned and sexy for the beach, Refine can help you get there.



Designed specifically for women who want to lose weight without starving themselves, Active Woman® Refine is a blend of research-supported weight loss ingredients that boost your fat burning potential and your metabolism while also suppressing your appetite.

Controlling your weight doesn’t need to be complicated. Refine combines three highly effective ingredients to give your weight loss goals the boost they need. With 1600mg CLA in each serving, Refine helps your body use its fat stores for energy metabolism. In other words, you’ll burn more body fat for fuel. To give your body even more fat burning potential, we’ve included L-carnitine. In our opinion, this amino acid is one of the most effective weight loss ingredients.

Refine also contains a substantial 400mg yerba mate, a popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements due to its ability to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. So, whether you want to lose weight for your sport or you’re getting beach-ready, you’ll find the journey easier with Active Woman® Refine.

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