Female Weight Loss Products

At Bio-Synergy, we want to help you enjoy stepping on the bathroom scale. Whether you’re getting lean for the beach, a new pair of skinny jeans or for your sport, we have a range of supplements that are engineered for weight loss. Many of our products include vitamins, minerals and nutrient concentrations found in nature that, when taken along with a healthy diet and workout routine, have the ability to rev up your metabolism and help your body burn fat more efficiently.

A great starting point is our Body Perfect® capsules, which include green tea, caffeine with guarana and L-tyrosine – all scientifically proven to accelerate fat loss. Or you could try Thermogen®, a powerful combination of yerba mate, guarana seed and kola nut to suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism.

For women wanting an all-in-one supplement, we’ve created Thermolean®, which uses a unique blend of thermogenic fat burning and metabolic boosting ingredients including chromium, green coffee, green tea, caffeine and choline. While these products will go a long way to helping you achieve your best physique, they shouldn’t be a replacement for a calorie controlled, healthy diet.

The principle of losing weight is simple: use more energy than you take in through food and drink. To put it simply, you’ll lose weight by exercising more and eating less. While this sounds straight forward, it can be highly challenging in reality. But, we’ve engineered our range of weight loss supplements to make this process a little easier and more efficient.