Fitness Tips

Training Tips To Keep You on Track

1. Have A Plan.
If you don’t set yourself a goal or target you might be more likely to give up.
Set yourself a plan over a period f 8 weeks then change it up to keep you interested and training fun.
2. Keep A Journal.
This is the best way to actually see progress. Seeing where you have come from to where you are now will provide you with the motivation you need to keep going.
3. Big Movements.
Focus on the good old fashioned movements such as Squats, Bench Press and Deadlifts. Not only will this help improve your overall strength but they are great for stimulating muscle growth.
4. Pay Attention To The Tempo.
This is the speed you lift the weight.
Tempo is a great way to really intensify the way you lift as it increases the tension your muscle under resulting in growth.
5. Rest Between Sets.
Rest will be dependent on the workout you are doing.
When doing higher (12-15) then you rest periods will be shorter (45-75 seconds), but if you are only doing reps in the range of (1-6) then you will need longer periods of rest such as (2-5minutes)
6. Post Workout Nutrition.
One of the most common mistakes post training is under eating or not eating the right thing. Dependant on your goals this meal ideally such be made up of protein and a high glycemic carb. Read more on this here BSc Hons James Rutherford explains the benefit of such a meal to help recovery post workout.