Is having a training partner a good or bad thing?

Having a training partner is a great way of staying motivated. However it can have some negatives.
We take you through the pros and cons of having a training partner
Motivation: Many of us will have that competitive nature that will make us do one more rep or run that extra mile.
Missing sessions: you may be tired, hung over, feeling sorry for yourself, or just being plain lazy. This is when you get that tex, what’s app message or Snapchat with a friend in their no so complimentary gym gear telling you its gym time.
Spotting: a good training partner can help you avoid, and actively prevent, failing dangerously on a lift attempt and getting injured. Having a reliable spotter can give you the confidence to lift more.
Competition: Training with someone that challenges you makes the sessions more competitive. This will result in you either lifting more or running faster
Change: if you train on your own it’s all too easy to stick with what you know. We all have favourite and hated exercises, and favourite rep ranges and supersets. When training with an experienced lifter you can alternate sessions, weeks and lifting regimes between you, ensuring you won’t stay within your comfort zone- limiting the speed of your potential gains.
Evaluation and Advice: Sometimes we like to shut ourselves off to criticism. We all see our own form through rose-tinted spectacles, so it’s good when someone lets you know if your form is actually a little off or could be improved. Also, introducing a slightly different plane of movement or speed to the rep could breathe new life into your sessions and prevent stagnation of them GAINZZZ.
Too much banter: Granted you wouldn’t work out in silence, however there is a limit. Too much can steer your focus away from what you should be doing. Save the banter for the pub
Complete newbie: We all feed that need to help someone that may be a complete gym newbie. However unfortunately in this situation you will be acting personal trainer and training yourself; not the worst, but then again not the best situation to be in.
Rest periods: similar to the first con mentioned you may find yourself getting distracted whether you are talking too much or taking too long to change weights, or equipment between exercises.
Hopefully the above is a good insight how training partners can give you a good kick up the backside but can sometimes be a hindrance
As the above shows the pros do out way the cons so grab a training partner and #makeithappen
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