12 Week Challenge

This weeks trials & tribulations!

Hi all!
I do love the Autumn season but I do find it harder to motivate myself out of bed when the rest of the world is still dark and sleepy. I’ve noticed the colder weather has also had an effect on my get-up-and-go! Despite this, I have kept up my exercise schedule and am still feeling really positive about my progress. My dodgy knee started to play up mid-week which gave way to a negative day on Wednesday and consequently, a chocolate mood fix! Feeling guilty, I put it behind me and found the motivation to get back on track for the rest of the week. I have lost 1lb this week and 1.5cm overall which I am pleased with. So many people have been noticing my changing body shape and have been congratulating me which has been such a booster!
This next week I have a new class to try called Pole Pogression which is a pole dance class focussing on improving strength, flexibility and with time to focus on individual goals which can be anything from moves, tricks, spins, holds, transitions or combinations. I am looking forward to this new challenge and will report back with another update soon.
Hope all the others on the challenge have had a good week and that you are equally as pleased with your progress so far. For those who haven’t yet posted on here….. get a blinking move on, I want to earn that hoodie John promised if we all meet a communal goal! lol Let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN! 🙂