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Should a Personal Trainer be in good shape?

alex fresh
By Alex Macdonald
When you first walk into a gym and are contemplating getting a personal trainer what do you look for? What is the first thing you take note of when reading profiles on the wall or casually observing from a far?
Over the years I’ve got to know and become good friends with plenty of trainers… Some in amazing shape and clearly practice what they preach… Others look as if they’ve never exercised before!
Now for me personally I’d be drawn to someone who looks the part, in good shape or resembles the build I have in mind for myself… That is the first thing I’d look for! I do believe that if someone can’t keep themselves in shape how are they going to motivate me to do so? How are they going to persuade me to work out if I can’t be bothered… If they themselves have no will power?
Granted the PT in the best shape might not have the best set of skills to get you results, but it is a great place to start, you’ll soon find out if their style of training or knowledge is suitable for you.
A personal trainer is a sales and a results driven job, and you are selling yourself, selling a product which you are the biggest advertisement for, You have to be what you sell.
There are so many different avenues you can take in personal training and some don’t require you to look in prime physical condition, such as rehabilitation or pre/post-natal specialists you would go to them for their knowledge and know how.. Whereas a fat loss trainer or a weight loss specialist should however be in good shape. In my opinion you can’t gain the trust from a client if you are out of shape or have never been in that required shape.
You are what you sell.
Of course there will be the odd exception!
But would you really ask a dude in the gym how to build muscle if he was smaller/fatter/weaker than you?
Ego plays a big part but I highly doubt it!
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