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Bio-Synergy Skinny Protein®

Gain the muscle, lose the fat


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Deliciously smooth whey shake  |  23.4g protein  |  152mg green tea  |  75µg chromium  |  75mg L-carnitine  |  2.5g fat  |  100% natural ingredients

Is it possible to pack on muscle size without getting too bulky? If you’ve ever asked this question, Skinny Protein® is made just for you. It’s low in calories, fat and sugar but crammed full of quality whey, with 23.4g protein in every scoop. Skinny Protein® also helps you control how much you eat during the day. The high protein content and thick consistency give you a satisfyingly full tummy, so you’re less hungry in between meals. To make our Skinny Protein even ‘skinnier’, we added popular dieting ingredients including green tea and chromium to speed up your metabolism and curb your sugar cravings. With just 123 calories per serving, Skinny Protein® is the delicious, low fat way to hit your protein intake and weight loss goals. That’s why it was voted no.1 for weight loss by independent review sites and Your Fitness Magazine.



Your Fitness No.1 | Best protein