Male Lean Muscle Products

If you’re looking to lose a little fat and increase muscle growth, the first step is to dedicate yourself to a steady cardio routine and some hard-core weight training. But the secret to your success will be your Sports nutrition plan.

To firstly build and then maintain a lean physique, you’ll have to stick to a balanced diet, one that includes quality Whey protein and Creatine to help your muscles recover post-workout after intense exercise and grow, while also not overloading you with calories.

This is made more achievable with a little help from the Bio-Synergy lean muscle range. We’ve been supporting lean muscle goals since 1997, which is why many enthusiasts and professional athletes make our award-winning supplements part of their daily regime.

A great starting point is Whey Better®, arguably the best whey protein powder on the market, which gives you 27.2g of 100% whey isolate protein and a mighty 6.8g BCAAs in each 30g serving. That’s going to make a difference to your physique.

You could also try Skinny Protein®, which offers 23g of high-quality whey with added chromium and green tea to help you strip away fat. If you’re looking to add more power to your training, Creatine Plus® comes in a two-phase pack – one for loading and one for maintenance, or put our BCAA Powders, CLA, Ketones, Fat burners and other performance building products to the test.