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Ladies, we know making it to the gym in the cold winter months can be a challenge. Not only does the weather strongly influence how much you want to stay indoors, but with family shindigs, Christmas shopping and plenty of other activities getting in the way, one’s time is very valuable.
If you live a busy lifestyle and still want to stay in shape during the holiday season, try this simple but oh workout routine.

Simple Women’s Home Workout Programme

Press-up with rotation
Start in plank position on your hands:
Bend your arms to lower your chest to the floor, keeping your body in a straight line throughout.
Push up and reach your right arm to the ceiling by rotating your upper body, then return to the start. Alternate sides. NOTE: if you find the pushup too difficult, assist the pushing up with your knees. 
Reverse curl
Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your arms close to your sides, and your palms facing you.
Keeping your upper arms still, curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders
maintaining the same grip, so that at the top, your knuckles are facing you.
Slowly lower and repeat.
Tricep dip
Place your hands on a chair behind you and legs out in front of you, feet on the floor.
Bend your arms to lower your bottom toward the floor as far as is comfortable.
Push back up to the start and repeat.
tricep dip

Women’s home workout equipment

Home workouts are an awesome way to stay in shape. However, by using women’s workout equipment, you can achieve even more impressive results in even quicker time.
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Women’s sport nutrition

Additionally, to ensure you are achieving the results you want from your workouts, it is essential to fuel your body and your muscles effectively. Shop the Active Women women’s sport nutrition range online. Looking to lose weight and burn fat? Try our Body Perfect range for amazing results.
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