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Get marathon ready with Bio Synergy’s training plan and diet advice

So you’ve decided to run a marathon. Congratulations on taking on one of the most grueling physical tests known to man. But you can’t just pitch up at the start line of next year’s London Marathon and expect to be able to complete the 26.2 mile course without serious dedication.
But don’t fear the challenge, make it happen with Bio Synergy’s guide to marathon and endurance training.
This 12 week marathon training plan and diet advice will get get you from novice to marathon god and leave your competitors trailing in your wake.

marathon training plan

Start using this 12 week training plan and you’ll soon be marathon ready

When training for a marathon you need to ensure you are keeping your energy levels up, without the correct nutrition and supplementation you will be left lagging behind and won’t be able to overcome the dreaded wall.
Make sure to focus on getting a healthy dose of carbohydrates, carbs will be the lynchpin of your marathon training diet because they are the body’s primary source of fuel. Aim to include plenty of complex carbohydrates on your diet plan, including whole-grain bread and brown pasta and rice.
You can also get a boost of energy from Bio Synergy’s Pure Energy and Essential Sports Fuel to help aid with energy levels before, during and after your runs.
As well as a good serving of carbs any marathon runner in training should make sure they get a good serving of lean protein from chicken, turkey, salmon or chickpeas. Fish has the added benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids but for times when fish isn’t the dish of the day there are Performance Omega 3,6 & 9 for those essential fatty acids.
For the extra efficient and versatile source of protein a person training for a marathon could use whey protein. Bio Syenrgy has a wide range of high quality whey protein supplements. the best time to use it is immediately after a run, when your body is in need of protein to aid recovery.
You can give yourself and your training an extra edge with multivitamins, Performance Joint formula for your aching knees and ankles, Bio Synergy has your training needs covered.
Now get out there and start pounding those streets on your 12 week journey to marathon glory!