Fitness Tip of the Week

Fitness Tip of the Week – The Side Bend

Side Bends are a workout that must be performed with weighted dumbbells – don’t be scared off by this simple equipment. Upping the resistance of your training is crucial to developing toned muscle. It’s not the reps you do, but the resistance that builds muscle.

Side Bends are performed while standing up and holding a dumbbell in one hand. With knees bent slightly and the opposite hand behind the head, lean down until the dumbbell reaches knee level. Then lift your  upper body back up again, repeating the Side Bend 10-15 times.

Switch hands and repeat for an equal number of times. Repeat for 3 repetitions.
Side Bends are said to be particularly helpful to flatten belly muscles like the obliques, which are found on the sides of the abdomen, as well as some other abdominal and core muscles.