12 Week Challenge

Enter the 12-Week Challenge!

It’s here! The next 12 Week Challenge is ready to kick off and we’re looking for everyone who’s hoping to make 2012 the year they achieve their goals and Make It Happen to participate in this incredible opportunity.
The 12 Week Challenge is an intensive program featuring discount supplements from Bio-Synergy along with expert fitness and nutritional advice to make your dreams come true. The lucky selected winners will receive extensive coaching and science-tested nutrition to help them eat right, workout properly, and live better over a 12 week period starting March 1st.
Participants will start off by receiving a whopping £200 worth of supplements and nutrition packages based on one of three lifestyle categories for only £99, and will then be entitled to an amazing 30% discount for every further top-up.
Applicants should copy and paste the information below, fill it out, and send it to john@bio-synergy.co.uk along with a recent picture of yourself with the subject line ‘First name Last name – 12 Week Challenge’ by February 20th to be considered.
Describe your current state of fitness:
Why do you want to join the 12 Week Challenge?:
What are your fitness goals?:
What forms of exercise do you focus on?:
Do you currently use supplements? If so, which products do you use?:
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to experience the transformation of your life! Participants in our first 12 Week Challenge lost an average of 2 stone and started themselves on the path to fitness and happiness. Make 2012 the year you Make It Happen with Bio-Synergy.