Fitness Tips

Eating Healthy. Tips for on the Go

When you are at home all you want to do is relax, knowing that you can get up walk to the fridge or cupboard and make a healthy snack. However, when you leave this area of comfort things become very different.
If you aren’t preparing your foods already, this is more than likely one of your bigger mistakes and will result in you possibly opting for less healthy options when out and about.
Never fear Bio-Synergy is here and we can help:
1. Go for fresh not fried
It’s easy to fall into the trap of purchasing the unhealthier options when looking for something to eat on the go.
However, more people fall into the trap of eating fried foods just because they are deemed cheaper.
Ditch these high calorie foods and replace them with more organic foods such as fresh fruit, homemade protein bars.
2. Go easy on the seasoning and sauces
No one likes bland food and rightly so but adding too much seasoning or sauces to a healthy meal can actually take it the other way, to the darkside if you will.
Too much salt in your diet can make your body retain water giving the effect of weight gain so be mindful when picking a topping for your food.
3. Portion control
Make sure you aren’t going OTT on the portions. If you skip meals and snack you will be more inclined to go for the less healthy options.
4. Drink Water
Water is a great way to stay hydrated and keep you full. Upgrade your water with Skinny Water to keep yourself refreshed and hydrated.
5. Substitute foods
This is a lot easier than you think. You would be surprised by the amount of unhealthy foods out there with a healthy alternative.
Making these tactical little changes will not only save you on the calories but sometimes on the pennies as well.
6. Find the Healthy Options!
Even out and about you would be surprised by the amount of healthy options available to you. You would be surprised by how many places are happy to help when you have a specific request
7. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
When you do head out make sure you take a bag with you that is made up of healthy snacks just in case the hunger strikes. Opt for dried fruits, granola, mixed nuts, fruit, protein bars or protein shakes, such as Whey Better.
All of which are easy to carry but will also be a lot healthier than anything else that you could pick and more than likely a lot cheaper.