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Build a chest of steel with these variations on the classic press up

5 awesome pushup variations
The press up has long been a key component of many people’s exercise plans. The beauty of the press up is that it can be performed anywhere.
Today should be no different.
Get outside and give these variations on the classic a go.
1) Wide-grip pushup
Target area: chest.
Start from a normal pushup position but spread your hands wider than shoulder length. This will force your chest to pick up the brunt of the work from your triceps and shoulders.
2) Narrow-grip pushup
Target area: triceps.
Do normal a normal pushup with your hands just a few inches apart from each other underneath your chest.
3) T-pushup
Target area: full-body workout.
Start from the pushup position. Take one hand off the ground and raise it straight up in the air (making a T-shape out of your body). Keep your eyes locked on your raised hand. Repeat for your other side. Add dumbbells to the routine to increase the intensity of the workout.
4) Single-leg pushup
Target area: intensifies work on upper body and core.
Lift one leg up off the ground and do a set. Switch legs on the next set.
5) Feet elevated pushups
Target area: intensifies work on upper body and core.
Do a normal pushup, but with your feet elevated on a stable platform like a box or bench. The higher the platform, the more you’ll work your shoulders, chest, core, and scapular stabilisers (the muscles that connect your neck, midback, and shoulders).
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