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#BeInspired with GBR Kayak Athlete Brandon Hepburn

Where do I start…. from the age of 9 I started to play tag rugby for a local team, as the years went on I carried on playing rugby. When my parents slip up, my mum moved really close to the river Thames. She though it would be a cool idea to get a boat to see the river more, well! What I didn’t know is that she meant Kayaks. I thought we were going to get a big motorboat! So my young self was pretty upset about this. But lucky enough for me this is where my sporting life really begun. A random guy came round to our house “oh you just brought some kayaks” it turns out this guy has done trips and expeditions all over the world. And he was our neighbour, pretty handy! So he coached me, and showed me all the basics. I never looked back. It got the stage where I had to pick kayaking or rugby (this was hard for a 14year old) I picked kayaking of course! My dad on the other hand was not so happy…
I was doing some events over the country at this time just loving the sport and life. One day someone said to me “you should go and compete at the GBR Selections” this was a big step. After talking to my mum I decided to enter, not having ever really trained before I want into the event and at the age of 15 years old I made the GBR Squad! Damnnn.
So from that point on it was all up hill. Paddling with best in world, traveling all over the world competing at different events and sitting on the water with my biggest role models! “It was like meeting a celebrity” here are some of my results from over the years.
Team GBR Member 5 years
Junior British Champ
World Champs 11th Junior
World Cup 3rd Junior
European Champs 6th Junior
USA Tour, Lyons 2nd Junior
USA Tour, Fibark 2nd Junior
USA Tour, Payette River Games 9th Junior (Against Seniors/Men)
Hurley Classic 1St Junior
USA Tour, Payette River Games 6th Men’s
World Cup 1 – 11th Men’s
World Cup 2 – 16th Men’s
European Cup – 6th Men’s
Hurley Classic 10th Men’s
There are few I have forgotten…
It took me a long time to learn how to compete, getting my head in the correct place “Everyone has the ability to be great, its your mind and actions that set you apart” It has been a huge life lesson I have learnt, and now I can put everything I have learnt from competing and sport and put it into action into other situations.
Now that 2016 is here, I have made a bit of a change. I have just qualified as a Personal Trainer, plus I have made the decision not to compete in 2016. I will still be on the water having fun and training as usual. But I have set my self some new goals. 1. To start/grow my Personal Training Business 2. Focus on my Physique, aiming to compete in a Physique Event in 2017 3. Get my foot in the Fitness Industry. Don’t worry the love and passion I still have for kayaking will always be there!
Thank you to all my sponsors that have stuck by me over the years. You are Brilliant! I’m casing my dreams, come and join me!
To find out more about Brandon check out his ambassador page here.