12 Week Challenge

After Two Official Weeks – Lots of Loss!

So far so good. I am sad about the first two weeks, as I was sick. As an asthmatic, if I get sick with a cold, it usually lasts a week and then a few days later I have a 3-day sinus infection where I can barely breathe. So this last week, due to illness, I focused on my climbing and my climbing coaching with Rob, and took out the gym workouts.
All week was about power endurance and hard problems with no rest, so it was a good week. I got three days of climbing in and no gym work. And once the weekend came, I was studying hard for finals and had to make a decision about exercise or putting in the study work (my last year of a Master’s degree). I was amazed with the stress from studying that I kept my diet up with my usual one treat of cake and one treat of one unit of alcohol for the week with all of the stress, but I managed to pull it off. Looking at my food diary, I realised how I need to plan better, so I ordered my Ocado groceries for the week, wrote up a full menu and invested in lots of plastic lunchbox stuff and a bigger backpack for commuting to hold all of my snacks, breakfast and lunch throughout the day. I’ve also made different choices for my protein this week, so I cut out a bit more red meat this week. Despite that we should eat more tuna or other choices like that, I’m off tuna for life as I used to eat just a can of tuna when I trained martial arts for a competition. The idea of it makes me shudder. So I’ve looked at things like more cottage cheese and tofu as well. Though I’ve never cooked much tofu in my life, I think I will enjoy learning!
In terms of working out etc., since I’ve been on this journey, I have had more energy in the mornings, so have added some morning workouts to my routine. I will update you and let you know how I get on.
Surprisingly the results of the last week have still been fantastic:
-Over the past week I lost another 1.4 kilos and 7.9 inches all over my body.
-After two weeks on the 12-week challenge plan, I’ve lost a total of 3.7 kilos and 15.9 inches. Here’s to week 3!!!