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5 Exercises for a Great Set of Abs this Summer

With summer fast approaching we all want to make sure that we are tip top shape when hitting the beach.
Abs are something we all want but it’s making sure we work them correctly to truly have abs of steel.
Targets:Upper Abs
Reps: 15-20
Lie flat on the floor and bend your knees bringing you feet towards you. Place something on your feet to stop you from moving too much. Put your arms on your chest and raise your torso until upright.
Targets: Lower Abdominals
Reps: To Failure
Make sure you DO NOT swing your body, keeping your legs close together. When your legs hit the top of each rep hold for 1/2 seconds before lowering
Targets: Upper Abdominals
Reps: 15-20
When you get to the top of the exercise rotate your torso slightly. For a variation use the cables and implement drop sets. This will allow your to really feel the burn.
Targets: Upper and Lower Abdominals
Reps: To Failure
Lie flat on the floor. raise your legs towards to the ceiling while at the same time raising your torso touching your feet with your hands. Make sure the movement is controlled.
Targets: Upper and Lower Abdominals, Obliques, and Core
Reps: 15-20 reps
Stand with your feet should width apart. Hold a cable a perform a chopping movement moving diagonally across your body from shoulder height to knee height.
You can perform these exercises in any order, but always remember to perform the movements with a control and engage your core.
Once you have finished your workout make sure your take on some protein with Whey Better
Have fun and see you on the beach.