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20 Minute Beach Workout

It’s that time of year where we head off on our holidays and enjoy a bit of fun in the sun.
However a few days in, some of us though may start to feel slightly guilty by the food and beverage choices we make whilst away.
If this is the case spare 20 minutes on the beach and give this quick circuit a go and sweat out some of those toxins.
Warm Up
Even though you might be warm already from the heat this is essential to get the blood flowing and to stretch out your muscles which will help prevent injury.
Complete 3 rounds of this circuit with 2 minutes rest at the end
Squats x 20 reps
Punches x 40 reps
Jumping Lunges x 20 reps
Push Ups x 10-20 reps
Mountain Climbers x 20 reps
Leg Raises to failure
Russian Twist to Failure
Make sure you have water with you at all times or if you want something fruity, take our Skinny Water
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