12 Week Challenge

12 Week Challenge Success Stories

The 12 Week Transformation Challenge has come to a close as the new one is set to launch!
Each participant entered their goals and let Bio-Synergy help them reach them. Whether it was toning up, adding mass or improving fitness, each entrant had a bespoke training regime structured around their goals.
Hear some of the success stories of each entrant below:
Luke Lawrence, who competes in a wide range of UK races and extreme competitions is taking on a slightly different training regime.
“I was somewhere I wouldn’t normally be, and that’s in the gym. I normally train outdoors at places like Bootcamp Revolution,” Luke said.
“I am incorporating a strength programme into my normal running regime… I want to see some changes and it is a good way to make it happen really. And that’s what I think these 12 weeks are all about.”
“I normally focus on whey protein. However, I tried many other supplements including the Essential Sports Fuel and ActiVeman Free Motion. I always train hard but I really upped my training and benefitted from it greatly.”
Luke entered the challenge weighing in at 12stone 12 lbs and finished the challenge at 12stone 0.5 lbs.
Luke’s wife, Becky Lawrence, is also competed in this year’s challenge.
“I think overall with the 12 week challenge it was a great way to refocus my training and eating. While we have been eating fairly clean and training hard for some time now, i definitely felt i was losing my way a little and needed some help refocusing.
Coming into winter is always harder too as it is cold and wet outside and certainly doesn’t make you want to train. Added to that some of the 2hr sessions we were doing at our bootcamp get reduced down to 1 hrs sessions for the winter due to lack of demand which then reduces the hours we could train there (going somewhere post BC is never easy as we get sooooooo muddy!).
Also, during winter you just want to eat comfort food, so it was great timing! The reason i did the challenge is because I wanted to lean up a bit and do some more strength work. I was also keen to do more running.
The new products we have found have been amazing, I love the Active Women pre work out drink and can really notice the difference. The Oatein is a great addition to our breakfast and provides a “secret” way of getting extra protein. The ESF is a must and you can tell if you don’t have it. The new Choc Mint protein is so taste.”
Perhaps this year’s most impressive contender, Sarah Hunter has been no stranger to showing hard work during her fitness transformation and has dropped an impressive 10 centimetres off her body. Impressive! Thanks to dieting, a structured workout routine she looks and feels completely different.
“I feel totally different and so confident. My clothes are loose and I feel completely energised in the mornings,” Sarah Hunter said.

View Sarah’s impressive before and after transformation below:

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Dan Woodward, who is focusing on a strength and hypertrophy muscle building programme made some serious changes to his diet and the volume of his training. Check out what Dan had to say below:

There’s no denying that hitting your required macro and micro nutrients by eating a varied, healthy diet can be expensive.
That said, by adding Bio-Synergy sports supplements to your regime, not only are you saving money by avoiding unnecessary adding expenditures on your foods, you are also fuelling your body with clean, essential nutrients too. Stay tuned to see how Dan’s training and nutrition programme progresses throughout the challenge.
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