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The benefits of a vegan diet

Switching from a meat, dairy and fat-heavy diet to a lighter vegan version can bring a whole raft of health benefits. From reducing your saturated fat intake to lowering your risk of heart disease there’s every reason to start focussing on plant-based foods in your everyday diet. Check out five top benefits of the vegan diet.

1. Less saturated fat intake

Saturated fats are most commonly found in rich meats, butter and heavy dairy products. As you will be eliminating these it’s inevitable that your saturated fat intake will decrease. Eating plant-based products involves taking on very little fat and there are a number of benefits that come with this. For starters, as saturated fats are one of the major causes of high cholesterol, significantly reducing them can really help lower those levels.

2. Lower risk of heart disease

A diet rich in fresh produce and whole foods is much better for your overall health, versus one full of processed foods, and it can also lower the risk of heart disease. Vegan diets have been shown to help reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and lower bad cholesterol levels, all of which can play a big part in putting a strain on your heart. The combination of eliminating the unhealthy attributes of certain meats and focussing on plant-based foods can certainly support overall heart health.

3. Can help regulate weight

As with saturated fat, excess weight is another one of the biggest causes of high levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Therefore, shifting a few pounds can be another added benefit of the vegan diet by bringing things back into balance. If you’d like to read further about cholesterol you can find more information here.

4. High in specific nutrients

When you commit to a vegan diet you are going to be replacing animal products and relying more on nutrient-dense whole grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables. These are all high in a myriad of vitamins and minerals and if you include them in your daily routine you’ll be taking on a whole raft of health-boosting nutrients.
Many people assume that because you are eliminating meat when eating a vegan diet, you are going to be protein deficient. That doesn’t have to be the case at all as there is plenty of protein in the various vegan products you’ll be eating regularly, and if you do want to take on more you could always plump for a quality vegan protein supplement.


5. Increased fibre

As pulses, grains, fresh fruit and vegetables are such a key component of the vegan diet, you’re definitely going to be getting plenty of fibre. Fibre helps to block the absorption of bad cholesterol in your body and supports overall health – another huge bonus and reason for re-thinking your usual dietary habits.
So there you have it; five great reasons showing you just how beneficial a vegan diet can be. If you’re looking to lower cholesterol, protect yourself from disease and boost your overall health it could well be the one for you!