Bio-Synergy Kre-Alkalyn

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If you’ve had success with creatine and want to go up a notch, try Kre-Alkalyn from Bio-Synergy. Especially created for athletes performing intense physical activity, our formula is an effective alternative to creatine monohydrate that gives you big gains in a short timeframe. With a better absorption rate than standard creatine, kre-alkalyn can lead to increased levels of ATP in muscle tissue, helping them to perform and recover better. Put simply, Bio-Synergy Kre-Alkalyn is a no-load, no-cycle, no side effect, 100% stable creatine that gives you big results. It even saves you money because you use less, so each purchase lasts longer. In fact, our kre-alkalyn allows you to get more from your workouts, helping you to get stronger, build muscle and create a more athletic body.