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Super 7 Super Fuel®

High performance intra-workout powder


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High performance intra-workout  |  BCAAs  |  Vitamin-B12  |  L-carnitine  |  Green tea  |  Quality carbs  |  Amazing flavour

If you want to take your training to a whole other level, Super Charge intra-workout powder is designed to get you there. Feel the power of green tea extract and B-vitamins, especially B-12, which is a popular ingredient in intra-workout supplements because of its fatigue fighting potential. Super Charge also refuels your muscles and kick starts your recovery in between sets with a premium combination of BCAAs and L-carnitine. At the same time, your glycogen stores are replenished with quality carbs so there’s always fuel in your tank. This power combo boosts your performance, giving you the drive to achieve more in your workout. And you get these strength and recovery benefits without the usual sugar and caffeine jitters that sometimes come from other intra-workout products.

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