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Super 7 Super Charge®

The power to crush every workout


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Ultimate pre workout, Voted No.1  |  Seven key ingredients  |  500mg creatine  |  250mg AAKG  |  250mg L-carnitine  |  200mg caffeine  |  B-vitamins

Using a high-energy combo of seven key ingredients, Super Charge pre-workout formula is engineered to help you unleash your biggest effort. Our revolutionary blend contains creatine, AAKG, L-carnitine, a series of B-vitamins, caffeine and both slow and fast release carbs. Creatine and AAKG are proven to deliver more stamina and power to your working muscles, while B-vitamins, L-carnitine, caffeine and carbs provide the drive and fuel you need to kill every rep and every set, from the first to the last. Walk into any supplement store and you’ll see these nutrients sold separately, because each is known for its efficacy. But we’ve combined them all into one shake, creating a highly potent pre-workout supplement that drives your intensity in the gym to the heights needed to demolish the toughest workouts.

Further detail on the science behind Super 7 Super Charge®

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