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Bio-Synergy L-Arginine®

For a boost in stamina and power


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Muscle power and volume  |  1000mg high strength  |  Scientifically proven  |  Convenient capsules  |  Precise dosage  | Ideal for strength and endurance

A killer workout starts with Bio-Synergy L-Arginine. With 1000mg L-arginine in each capsule, our nitric oxide boosting formula increases the volume of blood flowing to your hard-working muscles, which also increases the level of oxygen and nutrient delivery, so your muscles can work harder. In short, you’ll have more stamina and power than you normally do. L-Arginine is perfect for sports that require explosive actions, such as weight training, sprinting, boxing or crossfit. But it’s also popular with endurance athletes who want to push their stamina. That’s why you’ll find L-arginine in just about every pre workout supplement out there. It also helps with muscle growth because the body uses this amino acid in the synthesis of most proteins. When the size of a muscle increases, L-arginine helps to boost the release of growth hormone, which then aids in fat metabolism.