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Bio-Synergy Active Man Box

The box to Make it Happen!


Earn up to 700 Points.

Whey Better 750g    |   Thermogen 120 Capsules  |   Creatine  Plus Strength 125 Capsules  |   Duel Fuel Shaker

If you want to pack on lean muscle, increase your strength and burn fat, this is the stack for you. Whey Better is the ultimate high protein shake, at over 90% protein per serving there is no better whey and with 6.7g BCAA’s it will fuel your muscles after each workout, no matter how tough. Creatine Plus strength capsules, will allow you to train harder and longer and Thermogen winner of Men’s Fitness, gold award will have you shredded in no time. This really is the ultimate stack for getting in shape and achieving your goals, whether a gym goer or elite athlete. To ensure that you can take your favourite supplements anywhere, we have also included our amazing Duel Fuel shaker. So if you want to make it happen choose this multi-award winning stack!

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  • Bio-Synergy Active Man Box
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