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Bio-Synergy Get Shredded Box

The box to Make it Happen!


Earn up to 700 Points.

Skinny Protein 700g    |   BCAA Powder 360g  |   Super Lean 90 Capsules  |   Duel Fuel Shaker

Looking to get shredded? Summer bodies are made in the winter and this collection of award- winning products, is what I use personally and with my clients to help them get the most out of every training session to achieve their goals quicker. If reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle is your goal these products will make it happen. Skinny Protein tastes great and with the added benefits of chromium, green tea and l-carnitine not only promotes lean muscle and recovery, but kick starts your metabolism and helps curb sugar cravings. The BCAA powder is the perfect drink to accompany a workout, it is zero calories, tastes great and most importantly contains over 5g BCAA’s to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery. Super Burn, is a daily supplement which helps the body to burn fat.. so the combination in this stack will help you get shredded fast!

Further detail on the science behind Bio-Synergy Get Shredded Box

  • Bio-Synergy Get Shredded Box