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Activeman Oatein®

Whey and oats to fuel your performance


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High quality whey  |  Scottish oats  |  20g protein  |  36g complex carbs  |  Beta glucan  |  Just add milk

Possibly every athlete’s dream supplement – Activeman® Oatein puts two powerhouse ingredients into one delicious, easy-to-mix shake. The combination of slow-release carbs from Scottish oats and high quality whey protein creates a satisfying and nutritious meal that maintains your energy levels, keeps hunger at bay and refuels your muscles. Activeman® Oatein can be enjoyed any time as a shake or in a smoothie. Have it for breakfast to fuel your day, before workouts to energise your session, or use it afterwards for muscle recovery. In every 40g serving, you get 20g protein, 36g slow-release low GI carbs, 1.8g fibre and 292 calories. It’s another high performance supplement from the Activeman® range.

Further detail on the science behind Activeman Oatein®

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