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New challenges for me! :)

Hi everyone!
I thought I’d drop you all a line to update you on my progress since completing the 12 week challenge before Christmas.
Firstly, and most importantly, I’ve kept up the healthy lifestyle and am really embracing it. This includes a healthy, varied diet, regular exercise and some supplements (namely Bio-Synergy Protein Shakes and Thermogen capsules). These are the supplements I found most effective whilst I was on the 12 week challenge and I now  recognise the huge importance of including enough protein regularly in my diet.
I’ve just changed my resistance workout for the first time in 4 months, courtesy of my recent Bio-synergy competition win of a Health & Fitness workout manual. I’m now working harder than ever before and am concentrating on each area of my body in turn. Typically I spend 5 mins on the rower at home to warm up and then 5/10 mins on each area i.e. bum, legs, back, abs, chest, arms using a mixture of my own body weight resistance, 3kg handheld dumbbells and a 5kg kettle weight. Followed by a good deep stretching cool down using some dance stetches and yoga moves. By the end of it my muscles are shaking and aching, but in a good way! I can’t wait to report improvements in a few weeks time!
I’ve been upping my running time and distance and have now run a 5.25 miler and have just entered my first ever running race….. The Bristol 10K which takes place at the end of May this year. Something to aim for! 😉
I’ve just started my pole dancing intermediate stage 2 course with some complicated new moves, holds and spins which is challenging my strength on every level. I’ve been supplementing this with a pole dancing 1-2-1 lesson once a month so I can have some individual time with my instructor to work on some more challenging areas. I’m about to try combining en pointe (ballet with pointe shoes so on your tippy toes! Ouch!) with pole…. I’ll let you know how it progresses. Due to the increased strength required in my pole dancing now, I hope that the new harder resistance training I am doing will help me achieve my goals!
But lastly, I have finally enrolled on Fitness Industry Education’s Diploma Level 3 in Personal Training and have started my online, at home studying of the human body….. Bone formation, the skeletal system and at the moment, the muscular system! Fascinating stuff and so exciting that I can finally start making progress on achieving my dream career. I will of course keep you all posted!
Think that’s it for now….. busy busy busy and a family of 4 young boys whom also keep me firmly on my toes! Take care everyone and follow my progress on here! Let’s all “Make It Happen” with a little help from the fab team at Bio-synergy and their fantastic fitness products! 🙂