Learn To Run Faster With This Workout From Bio-Synergy Ambassador and Paralympic Sprinter Dan Powell


Today is #GlobalRunningDay

Bio-Synergy ambassador and Paralympic athlete Dan ‘Dash’ Powell has provided us with a workout to help improve speed and have you running like the flash in no time.

Most of my gym work would be super-set weight baring exercises coupled with either functional sprinting movements or plyometric exercises

A typical power/speed building session suited to improving your sprints would look like this:

Warm up – including light 5 minutes of cardio, tall postural walks with med balls, running drills and flute activation movements, (flute bridges/clams etc).

Main bulk– all weight baring exercises should be at a higher weight with a low amount of reps and a full recovery (3-5 minutes) between sets.

Cleans – 4 X 3 reps at 90%

Squats 4 X 3 reps at 85% / 3 X box jumps

Dead lifts 4 X 3 at 90% / tuck jumps X 4

Hamstring curl 4x 5 at 90% / bounding hops X 3 each leg

Core/cool down– flute bridge hold X 30 secs each side X 2

Tall standing running posture, (one leg at hip flex ion, running posture) hold for 10 then change.

Remember to refuel after each training session with Bio-Synergy.

Dan is currently awaiting selection for Rio 2016 so look out for news on this across our various social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.