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CrossFit Changed my life..


CrossFit Changed my life..

My first encounter with training took place in the school gymnastics hall. I went on to do flips, front lever, handstands, climb a rope, olympic rings, burpees, squat jumps, yes really CROSSFIT, at the time, it was, however, only called school gymnastics! It is all our primary movements and we were ALL created to do them.
However, during the whole of evolution, they have been vital for our survival…today’s way of life have sadly erased our most basic functions with a severe expense on our physical health.
My passion in life is to get back the movement in our lives…one man or woman at a time.
Unfortunately, at 25 years of age, I had a difficult period in my life that resulted in a weight increase from 80 kg – 107 kg.

So one day I just realised how I am living my life and treating my body and that was not me. And in one moment in front of the mirror I decided that I was going to make a change. I decided to test myself to find out if I am being governed by my desires or am I the master of my own thoughts and actions.
So I went down to a gym, signed up and started training the same day. I didn’t know much about nutrition so I just took the logical solution if I am hungry that must mean I am going to lose weight so I just cut the portions to the minimal. I ate four times a day and was as hungry after the meal as I was before when I was overeating. I trained 2-3 hours every day and 5 months later I was 20 kg lighter. With every time I didn’t give in to the hunger I felt like I was winning a war with my bad side and that feeling was amazing.
By far the most important thing I have accomplished in my life is taking me through this journey and creating a version of myself I’m finally happy with.
This is all I want to convey and my heart tells me this is why I want to teach.

Together with my team at Reebok Hybrid we will build up your mindset, your knowledge, as well as your technique and help you become the best version of yourself.
We offer a journey within yourself on a physical and mental level, in order to get where you want.
Your body is the most complex machine that exists.
Our goal at Reebok Hybrid is to work together with you to make it work optimally…through a varied workout
By Rafael Motloch